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Den 5-6 maj så kommer Jazzhuset att köra en avskedshelg då Jazzhuset tackar för sig efter 40 år! Kom gärna och var en del av historien när vi nu kör all in dom sista kvällarna fram till dess, som kommer att bjuda på en fantastisk stämning!



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Romo Night PREMIÄR



At last,
Romo Night is back on track after 5 years in the dark.
Once a month – Friends for life.

Onstage – The one and only SPARK!
A fantastic liveshow as always, the perfect mix of classic DAF and electropop will make this a 10 out of a 10 – no doubt.
Onstage around midnight!
Tickets, http://www.pusterviksbiljetter.com/ (releasedate, 2012-01-12)

Their 2nd album “Hela din Värld” out in february, order it here -


DJ´s – Tobbe and Tony
You know the deal, synthpop, new romantic, new, wave, ebm – mixed with love and devotion.

From the late 70s, through the golden decade until now – with one goal.
The best of the best in electronic dancemusic. As always.

Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Rational Youth, Lustans Lakejer, DAF, Ultravox, Human League, Kraftwerk, Yazoo, Distain, Boytronic, Indochine, And One, OMD, Ratata, Strasse, Nitzer Ebb, Erasure, Page, John Foxx, Talk Talk, Cure, Devo, Liaisions Dangereuses, Endless Shame, Classix Nouveaux, Shock, Absolute, Robert Marlow, ODW, Pete Shelley, Visage, The Twins, Trans-X, Auto-Auto, The Flirts, The Knife, Simple Minds, Alphaville, Telex, Bronski Beat, Melotron, YMO, Nasa, Elegant Machinery, New Order, S.P.O.C.K, Moderne, Hard Corps, I Start Counting, Duran Duran, Covenant, Emmon, Bal Pare, Peter Godwin, SMPJ, Hipnosis, Spark!, Front 242, Camouflage, Pet Shop Boys, Torul, Bobby O, Heaven 17, Propaganda, New Musik, De/Vision, Twice a Man, Data, Gary Numan, Blancmange, Soft Cell etc etc etc etc.

Great videolounge with dancefloor
The coolest, greatest vids from the golden decade and beyond.
Dance to it, zip a drink to it. Enjoy it.

Quiz in the videolounge 21-22
Tickets – http://www.pusterviksbiljetter.com/, http://www.ticnet.se/

Tobbe and Tony
Romo Night

Tid: 21.00-03.00 • Pris: 140 kr • Ålder: 20 år

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